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Data Center Domes are a revolution
in the construction and operation of data centers

Not only are these facilities constructed and running in 6-8 weeks, but the operational costs are significantly lower than traditional data centers because they do not need any air conditioning or significant electro mechanical venting to keep servers cool.

Instead these innovative Data Center Domes use natural passive cooling ground-coupled heat-exchanger Canadian well technology which supplies servers contained in patent pending negative pressure cabinets, which draw naturally cool and dehumidified air to keep servers at optimal operating temperature.

Each negative pressure cabinet can hold up to 6,000 watts of servers in a high-density configuration with redundant electrical feed. In addition, because of its design, heat that is generated by the servers is collected at the apex of the dome and can be transferred and used for other applications such as adjacent greenhouses for additional revenue.

The data centers are fully compliant with the Data Center Redundancy Architectures Uptime Institute N+1 specification related to high resilience distributed power configuration redundancy. This includes Tier 3 level uptime. And since the data centers are naturally cooled, there is no need for air conditioning redundancy as normally required for Tier 3 data centers.

Data Center Dome compounds are built with various levels of security including a high security configuration employing a concrete wall perimeter topped by razor wire supported by comprehensive video surveillance and intrusion detection systems.

Data Center Domes are also the greenest and most sustainable facilities of their kind because of their reduced power consumption and re-use of waste heat.

They represent the best choice available today for Tier 3 data center installations.

Data Center Domes

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